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Rates & Port Charges

Port dues are established by application of Book II of the Code des Ports Maritimes for the benefit of the company “EDEIS Ports de Saint-Malo & Cancale”:

Charges on the vessel, on goods, on passengers, on layed-up ships, on solid waste from the operation of ships.

The Port of Saint-Malo offers a number of services and tools to professionals, particularly with regard to ships:

Tugs / Fixed and mobile Equipment: cranes – conveyor belts – grasshopper / Hangars, stores, offices and sanitary facilities / Weigh bridge – Ferry terminals / Naye Ferry Terminal and facilities in the front-port for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers / Jacques Cartier naval pole/ Duguay-Trouin technical pole/ Ammonitrates security tax/ Supply of fresh water, boatmen electricity and lighting/ Yards / Parking of sailboats, pleasure craft and utility vessels/ Anchorage in the outer harbour/ Miscellaneous of which use AP+

For any other service, please send your request by mail


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