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© Manuel Clauzier

© Manuel Clauzier



In commercial and fishing seaports, the proper functioning of the activities requires the implementation of various local regulations that apply within the administrative boundaries of the ports excluding recreational areas (marinas).

The Special Port Police Regulation (RPP) originates from the General Port Police Regulation (RGP).

It is supplemented by the local operating rules.

The operating rules are signed by the Harbour Authority. It defines the conditions for the use of port facilities (quay allocation rules, requests for the allocation of berths and access priorities). It lays down the conditions for the use of port structures, excluding facilities.

The previsional programs of allocation of the berths to dock and use of the yards are established weekly at the conference of placement, organized by the Harbour Authority.

These two regulations are subject to regular reviews in consultation with all port users, they are implemented by the harbour master’s office (link to the heading «The players»).

The Local Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (RLMD) complement the Regulations for the Transport and Handling of Dangerous Goods at Marine Ports (MMR).

The Brittany Region, in its role as port authority, develops and implements the regulations and arrangements necessary to ensure the transit of goods and passengers in optimal conditions of safety and security.


The purpose of marine security is to detect and protect against threats of unlawful acts on ships, ports and port facilities.

Port security limits its scope to ports and port facilities (terminals).

Contact for all requests for access to a restricted area:

EDEIS Ports de Saint-Malo & Cancale

Contact the Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

Tél : 02 99 20 51 00


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